21st Century After school/ Summer Camp Program

The 21st Century Summer camp program will be taking place in June of 2022. We are excited to welcome our campers. This program will be geared toward preparing our students for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. We will implement thus through hands-on, and interactive exposure to various programs, and educational field trips. As advertised above, the students in rising 2nd-5th grade will be able to take an advantage of a free, all-day programs.

The beginning of our advertising process for the summer session began during the 2nd week of April. We utilized the flyer shown above. It was sent home with the students to make them aware of what the summer program would offer.  The flyer afforded the parents the opportunity to use the QR Code to access the application to register their child. Thus, providing us with a ballpark view of the number of students with interest in attending our summer session. Currently, we have 25 students that have shown interest in the program.

Before the summer session begins, we plan to have an additional parent night to answer any questions about the program, as well as further recruitment of students with the intentions of attending the summer session.